Iridescent is the second album of the "duology" music project by photographer/film director Travis Houze. Includes the single "Silence" with Ro Bettinelli.

Buzz Music calls the album an "R&B-inspired groove that drenches the speakers in passion and emotion. Travis Houze's smooth and velvety vocals make their way into the foreground alongside the jazzy and groovy production that leaves us tapping our toes."

The album is available on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms under Soundcheck Distribution.

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Album Reviews and Features:
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1. Shine Tonight
2. Silence feat. Ro Bettinelli
3. New Dawn feat. Emily McNally
4. It's Alright
5. Network feat. Devin White & SaVannah White
6. Nightcap feat. Deja
7. Tellin' feat. Nikko Miles
8. World In Your Eyes
9. Checkmate
10. Pray feat. Emily McNally
11. Foundation
12. Know Your Way feat. Birdsy
13. Good Job feat. Nikko Miles & D0n't Change!
*Deluxe Edition Tracks*
14. Dreaming in Technicolor
15. Lyfe feat. Definite D
16. The Ways

*"Good Job", "Dreaming In Technicolor", "Lyfe" and "The Ways" are not featured on the vinyl release*

Executive Producer: T. Houze & Devin White
All Songs Recorded by T. Houze in the Midnight Studio in Washington D.C.
Legal: Josh Dreon
Photography: Amanda Gann for Little Bird Creative
Art Direction & Layout Design: Veselic and Veselic

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