Midnight Season

Midnight Season is the debut album by Travis Houze.

Midnight Season is a conceptual album that was conceptualized between the years of 2011 and 2013 and was revisited in early 2021 with modern day production and new features from supporting artists.

The album was called "A spectacular combination of powerful, yet laid-back vocals" by Buzz Music and Entropy Magazine called the album a blend of "the old school and nu-school influences to make it something that immediately has a classic cadence to it."

The album is available on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms under Soundcheck Distribution.

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Album Reviews and Features:
Entropy Magazine
Buzz Music

1. August Breeze (It's Just the Feeling) feat. Millicent
2. Breathe In feat. KOZA
3. Simple Things
4. Interlude I
5. Simmer
6. No Sweat feat. Nikko Miles
7. Black Hourglass feat. Devin White
8. Interlude II
9. Healer feat. KOZA
10. The Bomb
11. Midnight's Theme
12. Interlude III
13. August Breeze Part II feat. Valentina Ielà
14. Together We Float feat. Nera Mamić*

*"Together We Float" is not featured on the vinyl release*

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