The Rel Carter Culture Tour

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The Rel Carter Culture Tour is a celebration of artistic excellence in Art, Fashion and Media. This is an opportunity to recieve valuable information, to perform and network amongst a network of serious, ambitious individuals. The film focuses on the first 4 cities the group travels to and shows the optimism of a young group bringing everything together and how it can grow into the future.

Please Note: the movie contains Strong Language and not suggested for children under 17.


- Runtime: 26 Minutes

- The movie was shot in 4K and 2K and finalized with a 2K digital intermediate.

- Aspect Ratio: 1:66.1

- Filmed on location in Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta and Manhattan, New York.


- Premiered a "work in progress" cut of the film at The Howard Theatre in Washington DC in November 2017.


Interview with Black Talent TV

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